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SHEAUXTIME Collective, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Agent of Lust

a first in Ace representation

Welcome to our campaign for “Agent of Lust,” a groundbreaking mockumentary series produced by SHEAUXTIME Collective, Inc. Our series aims to revolutionize representation by spotlighting the asexual (Ace) community, a group often overlooked in mainstream media. Join us in our mission to challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and promote inclusivity through this unique and empowering storytelling experience.

Tier 1

Goal of 10k

Our tier 1 goal has been set at $10,000! Calling this “tier 1” is our way of securing the chances of making this series happen, with more fundraisers planned throughout the year. Via Meta’s Facebook & Instagram, we are hosted on their list of nonprofits. This means you can join our fundraiser directly from your Social accounts! In addition, we also have the option for in-house giving, where we have monthly donation options for those of you willing and able to invest in our future.


A state recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we set ourselves a part from your typical crowdfunding campaign. We are here for the long haul! Donations, especially those that given monthly, go toward the future of getting minority communities seen via film/television. You are not just investing in a one-and-done project. Expect your giving to impact future films and projects that we want to support, tackling more identities that need representation. A tax exempt organization, all US donations are tax deductible. 


Representation matters. By showcasing the ace perspective in a relatable and authentic manner, “Agent of Lust” not only educates but also fosters empathy and understanding. Our series confronts misconceptions, sheds light on the diversity within the Ace community, and promotes acceptance and respect for all identities.


Your support for “Agent of Lust” goes beyond entertainment. It empowers us to amplify Ace voices, create meaningful dialogue, and inspire positive change. Through this series, we aim to spark conversations, challenge norms, and pave the way for more diverse and inclusive storytelling in the media landscape. Our raised funds will also go to supporting the Creators that poured their heart and soul into the project.


TBD 2025


At present, we are looking to release a pilot via YouTube. However, with enough support, there is no telling where this project could go!


By backing our campaign, you become a crucial part of this revolutionary movement. Your contributions will fund production costs, talent fees, post-production, marketing, and distribution efforts. Together, we can bring “Agent of Lust” to life and make a lasting impact on how Ace representation is portrayed and celebrated.


A mockumentary series that takes place in a parallel universe to our own, following a day in the life of an Agent. 

Agents in this story are supernatural instruments of the human experience whose work, though unaware of their existence, many humans believe to be that of spiritual influence similar to angels and demons. The story presents an in-depth look at how these Agents operate and their involvement with humanity as we focus on the specific task of Agents within the community whose realm has charge over the Lust experience. We follow Agent 12211920 of Lust, who is missing a desire they were made to facilitate. Despite the expectations that come with their existence, they do not have the same urges as their kin. As the story progresses, they are eventually given charge over their first Asexual human. This relationship begins challenging everything they know about the human experience and, more importantly, themselves. Will this impending identity crisis disrupt their ambition to become their realm’s next Monarch? It is, after all, every Agent’s desire to transcend and be their community’s selected Sovereign. 



your support makes a difference.

SHEAUXTIME Collective, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. EIN: 93-1628845

SHEAUXTIME Collective, Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to provide a platform for artists and creators, showcasing a collaborative work that inspires others, creating a more inclusive world.

Inspire. Resource. Support.

To bring awareness and support by showcasing the talents and stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds so that we can create meaningful change in society and culture.

Representation. Awareness. Community.

We aim to see underrepresented communities and identities celebrated, with their voices heard through the power of art. A collective effort, we are dedicated to providing resources and education to shine a brighter spotlight on those who need it most.

Difference. Cooperation. Identity.

“SHEAUXTIME, “spelled alternatively to emphasize the difference being represented in what we are/do, is inspired by the definition of “showtime“: the time at which something is supposed to begin. “Collective” is a representation of our foundation being a cooperative effort. “Inc.” is short for “incorporated, “identifying us as a legal entity.

Diversity. Passions. Art.

We are home to diverse projects by artists worldwide, many of whom share overlapping experiences. Through crowdfunding, we provide artists with the resources to have their passions come to life. Much of our focus is to highlight those that may not have initial resources themselves. We vet those we work with and have dedicated oversight to ensure our support goes to honest and legitimate individuals/teams. The conclusion of what we produce aims to educate and inspire others. More than just a foundation that supports the arts, we ignite change and visibility within the people that we reach.

The Ace Files: Opening Act

“Advocate. Create. Empower.”

Trifecta (tri.)

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